Phone Doctor Plus ver.3.0 Introduction

[PhoneDoctor+] picks perfect iPhone & keeps iPhone perfect!

What do you do when you buy a new iPhone?
You must check for defects. But how to check a device with so many sensors inside quickly in the store?
Let Phone Doctor Plus help you.
[Phone Doctor Plus] checks 25 iPhone’s hardware comprehensively with exclusive techniques in 8 minutes!
Plus, [Phone Doctor Plus] can optimize iPhone to make it work smoothly.

Download it for your perfect iPhone.

Every iPhone buyer wants to avoid getting a faulty device and that makes it important to have a comprehensive check when you buy one. Many people shared their experiences on the Internet finding their iPhone faulty in a few days after they bought it. But they can only send their iPhone to repair instead of getting a brand-new replacement.

How do you test the iPhone with dozens of sensors inside?
Follow instructions on the Internet and install several apps to have a 30-minute check? (If so, you may drive people waiting in line behind you crazy.) Or you don’t even know where to start with?
And how do you deal with the old iPhone? Give it to somebody or keep it? What to do to make it run smoother?


If you are bothered by the mentioned things, “Phone Doctor Plus” is made for you. This app tests 25 items of the hardware in 8 minutes, from inner to outer. The tests include touch-screen, audio, sensors and wireless. Now you don’t have to be afraid of getting a faulty iPhone.
Additionally, the optimization of the battery and memory can also make the iPhone run faster. This is the only app combining device test and optimization on the App Store.

Let’s take a look on this powerful app. It actually has 4 major parts: overview, checkup, battery and usage.
Different from our stereotype of system apps, you can see many tests are designed as games and have colorful layouts.

First, on “Overview” page, the integration of the status of hardware, battery, memory and storage gives users an overall understanding of the system. On the left column, the weather icons stand for the health of the corresponding component. When you tap the items on the right side, a column arises to display some details and show you how to get your iPhone optimized.

At the bottom of the page, it shows current network status. When you can’t open pages on Safari, this app judges whether the problem comes from 3G base station or WiFi AP.

Next, it comes to a thorough hardware test with 25 items and 4 reminders of appearance check, from internal sensors to outer casing. The items are divided into 4 groups: screen & audio, internal sensors & devices, wireless, and tips for checking the case.

It’s worth noting that some tests can’t be completed if you just follow instructions shared on the internet, and these are also the exclusive of Phone Doctor Plus.
For example, the audio system (earphones and mic, speaker and mic) and Bluetooth connection test. For the audio, this app activates an automatic check from 300Hz to 12000 Hz by feedback system & FFT algorithms.
Did you see that? We are really testing the device on these colorful carrots farms. The left picture below is the screenshot of multi-touch test. Multi-touch is proven workable when the carrots are removed with a simultaneous touch of three fingers. Isn’t it creative to test iPhone in this way?

The right side below lies “screen deadzone”check. If you can clear all carrots with your finger sliding through the farm, it indicates no deadzone on the screen. If you do not know how to start the tests, you can tap the question mark on the upper right corner to get guides.

The following two pictures are also screenshots of device test. The left one is the accelerometer test, and the right one is the test for compass. You’ll be unable to water the carrots if there’s any fault in these sensors. Isn’t it quite different from other system applications?

On battery page, it displays how long the battery is expected to last until next charge and how long it takes to be fully charged. Besides, you can extend battery life and life span by following the guidelines.

What’s worth mentioning, different from other battery apps requiring users’ judge of battery aging, Phone Doctor Plus is capable to predict battery life according to users’ habits. The more you use this function, the more accurate the prediction will be.

Tap “Details”will you see how long each function will be available until next charge, and if you are interested in tips for battery use, tap “Tips” to get some. Apparently, “Phone Doctor Plus” is also helpful for battery optimization.

In conclusion, “Phone Doctor Plus”helps whether you want to have a rapid and comprehensive check when you buy an iPhone or optimize the system in daily use. This is the only app on the APP store that contains optimization and hardware check. Apparently, it’s a must-have for your iPhone!

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