Phone Doctor Plus

The World's Most Trusted Smart Phone Hardware Examiner, Phone Doctor Plus, Tests over 1,000,000 Phones

Phone Doctor Plus- The Ultimate Phone Examiner
Now available on Google Play

App Store Ranking History
▶Top 5 Utility App in 75 Countries!!
▶U.S. Utility Top 2!!
▶South Korea All Category Top 1!!
▶Japan Utility Top 1!!

It doesn’t matter how much free space you have or how healthy your battery is. Using an app like Phone Doctor Plus will help you pinpoint problems quickly and easily – BRIT+CO
If you’re curious about how well your device is performing, download Phone Doctor Plus and get an idea now - AppSaga

You'll be surprised at what the app is capable of. - AppPicker

Apparently, it’s a must-have for your Phone! - AppReviewReport

▶Avg. 4.6+ Stars of Global User Reviews on App Store.

▶Hong Kong All Category Top1!!
▶Taiwan All Category Top1!!
▶Macau All Category Top1!!
▶United Arab Emirates All Category Top1!!
▶Saudi Arabia All Category Top1!!
▶Egypt All Category Top1!!
▶China Utility Top1!!
▶Top10 Utility in 85 countries!!
▶Multi-patent, Quick and precisely check 25 Phone hardware items.  ...more

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